Awakening in Silence

In silence we can concentrate, spend time in the availability of our heart, and be in reservoirs of light. Even our dreams at night can point to this light.
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The noisy world stimulates our personality. Silence stimulates our golden essence.
Silence is never completely silent but it is a road in the right direction. Turning down the noise in the life around us and we come to be aware of another world inside of us. Meditate, let go, relax and our inner noise diminishes. Instead of living in a world of wandering thought, drama, and restless sleep we can awaken in silence. We can wake up where our senses are clean and bright. Life is delicious in the generosity of the moment.

In silence we can concentrate, spend time in the availability of our heart, and be in reservoirs of light. Even our dreams at night can point to this light.

Silence quiets our busy mind letting our awareness discover something else, the well of being inside. Silence separates us from the worldly chatter, the clutter, the entanglements. Silence unties the knots. She wipes clean our doors of perception. These doors bring us to our inner sanctuary. Here life is direct, pure, grounded. This ground frees us from grasping and loneliness. The ground of our inner sanctuary frees us.

It all begins with some time in silence. Stillness penetrates all our filters, our judgments, the thickness of our likes and dislikes, our worldly identity. Peace and quiet actually frees us from our personality to the reality of our goldenness, our essence. This is the part of us without dimensions, walls, anything needing to protect or defend. Silence is the great lover. She undresses us, removing all our worldly clothes until we find the part of us without beginning or ending. In the silent heart beat of nature, we can join in. Naturally, spontaneously, we come to the miracle of our original mind. The infant's wide open wisdom is in all of us, dormant, trespassed upon but here.

Silence quiets the swift current of thought bringing us to safe harbor. Stay here in the harbor of the heart inside our heart. Give our awareness safe harbor and discover the possibility of true healing. Where better to be but resting, settling down in the depths of our own heart? Meditation is feeling the heavy weight of our identity dissolving. The stillness penetrates and unwraps our awareness. Our conditioning, memories, the patterns of escaping from ourselves is layed to rest. Meditation is feeling the natural pull of peace and quiet opening space within us. The thick world is left outside. It cannot enter the harbor within, the ego less ocean of no self. We can simply be in the gentle current and waves of our inner sea without expectation or desire to be anywhere else. Here is the vastness of the stillness of the heart.

We open our eyes and begin to see. Life is an open canvas. We are free to paint the picture of life we wish to paint. Yes, we can paint the picture of life we want to paint. Lets participate directly in the uncensored joy! The silence of our heart is the great creator waiting for our attention and strokes of love. Lets paint a life of truth and fun!

So much thought, worry, planning is the hardened skin between us and God. Silence is our true skin holding us in the infinite. Life is too precious to waste in small talk about nothing. If we really want to make contact let us spend sometime together in silence and smell the air. Our heart beats unspoken wonders. In silence there is intimacy. Lets accumulate inner wonder with no need to announce on social media the grains of meaning when there are golden mountains of purpose and certainty yet for our discovery.

In retreat when silence becomes our clothes, skin, muscle,bones, breath- all our senses are awakened to glimpses of the Divine. One small glimpse is food for life, food lasting a long time, food reminding us what is truly nourishing and real. Silence is a resource we have just begun to harvest. It points to the nakedness of our thoughts. But lets not run away. Just below this world of thought is our unfiltered heart. Silence invites us to the seat of everything good, the infinite where time and space is awareness with a body of joy.

Silence pulls us close to her if we allow her. Her gentle arms carry us into our precious self, free from our worldly self. Silence cleanses us completely in the journey. When we listen to our inner stillness it says without words, "Drop anchor here." Yes, drop anchor again and again drop anchor until our awareness stays in her embrace. We let go and unfold our great being in the ultimate peace of the heart. Silence spreads and spreads our awareness in places our worldly self could never explore.

Retreat, silence, joy and the daily world is never the same. It is the back ground to a new life. Consciousness is to create triumphs of simplicity, passion, trust, and beauty. Let's submerge, soak, and radiate in silence and find perfect shelter.

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