Awakening the Soul's Inner Wisdom


Life is more than what is seems. There is an outer world an inner world. And deep within us, sometimes dormant, is our soul.

We use the term "soul" to mean an energy or awareness that connects us directly with a larger reality, even All-That-Is, the Universe, or God, whatever term you choose to use. You could say our body, with its thoughts and feelings, is an aspect of our soul. It is a finite version of the soul's larger, if often invisible, presence.


How do you connect with this greater, more soulful you? Meditation and mindfulness can work. On the other hand, they can sadly miss the mark. People can meditate even for years and still not access the soul's inner wisdom with its healing energy and profound messages.

Here's a clue: Love is the language of the soul.

The goal then is to be present to the moment while aware of the bigger picture. Feel in your heart the presence of other's and what they are going through. Remember to connect the part to the whole. See how one thing, like reading this article, connects with things, like other knowledge. Sense the unity in diversity.


The heart of our work is a specific process we call soul centering. It focuses on connecting the love and wisdom within the heart.

Here are a few words students and clients have expressed in a soul-centered state:




Using these states, the soul has deep inner wisdom and truth to share with us... if we listen.

Sometimes we ignore the soul or don't awaken to its wisdom until a crisis strikes, such as an illness or loss. Then we become humble and open to answers beyond our conscious mind, ordinary help and familiar thoughts.

Yet the soul is ever present, patiently waiting and supporting us. We don't need an emergency to awaken us. All we need to do is directly seek it's help, be it a walk in nature, a deep meditation, guided visualization or spiritual coaching.


These are the kinds of messages we hear students and clients, as well as our deeper selves, say when getting wisdom and healing from the soul. Some messages are quite simple. Others may be longer and more colorful. But the message tends to be concise, elegant and sometimes poetic.


"Everything is alright."

"I am where I am meant to be."

"Everyone is on their own path, which is part of accepting what is."

The soul's inner wisdom is not intended for to make us passive or mindlessly accepting of circumstances. It's deeply healing and nurturing. And what emerges is a resourceful state, where more conscious insight and action can take place.

As a note, saying the above words, the soulful insights, might be helpful. But just like practicing without attention or engagement offers little benefit, little benefit comes from saying spiritual phrases and sentences.


The soul is a lifeline, your greatest resource and healer. It has no agendas; it's there for unconditional support and love.

To get the most from your inner wisdom, you do need to be in that soulful state. By being attentive, you can merge with your soul's energy, not just by saying the right words, but by feeling a connection with the love you hold in your heart at a deep, authentic level.:


So you --- body-mind -- are part of something larger, the vast soul. We are something like the fish swimming in water, unaware of actually swimming and the water itself. The soul is aware of the water and can help us swim much better too.

Yet the soul won't force itself on you. It quietly and patiently is there for you, whenever you are ready to awaken to its wisdom and support. The choice is yours. Just recognizing the presence of the soul, listening to it, and then merging with its energy more fully is a description of the spiritual journey.

By connecting more with the soul, you can heal the inner wounds you have experienced. You can come out of the shadowy places and your path becomes brighter and clear.

There is more of you available, more present. You can find and live your purpose. You can live more fully and consciously. It's quite a journey.

As my wife and partner Jane suggests:

"Our soulful loving presence is the heart of our humanity. Love truly conquers all."

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