14 'Awards' For Men Who Are Doing The Absolute Least

You don't deserve an award for not being completely awful, dudes.

Sick of the self-professed “nice guys” in your life doing the bare minimum and still getting praised for it? Brooklyn-based writer and artist Shelby Lorman feels your pain.

On the Instagram account Awards For Good Boys, the 24-year-old doles out illustrative “awards” for men who expect pats on the back for not being completely awful.

For instance, “good boys” claim dating superiority because they’re on Bumble, not Tinder ... but they still do this:

They don’t “mansplain,” per se:

And they’re always super generous in bed, relatively speaking:

Lorman’s snarky illustrations have garnered her 118,000 followers and plenty of angry DMs from random dudes who feel like they’re the target of her account. They’re usually not, since a “good boy” would never send angry DMs to a woman online they’d never met.

“My definition of a good boy is just someone who thinks they’ve really got it down and, as a result, often want recognition for ‘getting it,‘” she told HuffPost. “They’re the ones who wear a feminist badge on their backpack and put ‘ally’ in their Tinder profile but can’t quite understand why it’s a problem that they, as the only dude-identifying person in the room, continually speaks first in their Women’s Studies class.”

Lorman hopes her account helps men and women hold one another to a higher standard and examine what it means to be an ally and a good person in 2018. The fact that so many people relate to the drawings is just the (slightly worrying) cherry on top.

“It’s dually horrifying and extremely validating to see how many people have ‘been there’ about so much of my content,” she said.

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