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7 Ridiculous Grills That Are Actually Awesome

Voice-activated grills are the way of the future.

We're in the habit of pointing out ridiculous things. With the existence of a fruit slicer just for your bananas and a microwave made special for s'mores, how could we not? People make a lot of dumb and totally unnecessary things -- and they should get called out on it.

With grilling season upon us, it's only natural that we turn our critical eye to the world of grills. You guys, there are some RIDICULOUS grills out there. And that is a serious understatement. There are grills shaped like hotrods -- we are being 100 percent serious. And grills that float on water -- because that's a good idea. There are even voice-activated grills which... we actually really, really want. Some of these not-so-normal grills are kind of awesome, and we secretly want them all.

This grill is into feng shui.
Fire and Steel
Is this grill practical? Heck no. Fire and Steel Grills are not about practicality. Will it take up an obscene amount of space on your deck? For sure. But it's easy on the eyes, and definitely makes a statement and so... we want it.
This grill will charge your smart phone, no lie.
BioLite BaseCamp
This Biolite Basecamp Grill is not your standard type of grill. It's better than that. The Biolite Basecamp grill is AMAZING because it cooks you dinner and charges your appliances at the same time. It has made camping 1000 times more appealing.
This grill is all about appearances.
We know this looks like something right out of Game Of Thrones, but it sure is puuuurdy. Also, it's transportable so it gets bonus points for that.
Need we say more? Designed by Lynx, it is expected to be on the market in 2015 -- and we can hardly wait.
This grill makes everyone grill-master.
JAG Table Grill
Because, why the hell not??
This grill will make your porch look a bazillion times nicer.
The Fuego grill was designed by the former director of industrial design for Apple so naturally it's absolutely beautiful. We wouldn't mind seeing this grill sitting pretty on our porch this summer.
This grill doubles as a fireplace.
It's genius. And beautiful too. Have you ever seen a more aesthetically-pleasing grill? That's because this grill was designed by the Danish company Wittus.

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