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8 Awesomely Ridiculous Kitchen Appliances Everyone Needs

Chocolate fountains for everyone!

We spend a lot of time making fun of kitchen appliances -- almost too much time. But with items like the microwavable s'more maker and the voice-activated grill on the market, how can we resist?

Sometimes though, we come across a kitchen appliance that is absolutely unnecessary and utterly ridiculous, and yet somehow still 100 percent awesome. We've found more than a handful of pointless appliances that we secretly wish would be a waste of space on our kitchen counters. Because the way we see it, what kitchen wouldn't be a little more complete with an always-running personal chocolate fountain?

Behold, all the kitchen appliances you absolutely don't need, but probably should get anyway.

Soft pretzel maker WITH A CHEESE DIP WARMER.
Waffle BOWL maker, yo.
Ice cream sundaes all day, every day.BELLA Waffle Bowl Maker, $15.62
Zoku slushy AND milkshake maker.
We understand that this is essentially just a cup, but it's a cup that makes milkshakes and slushies so we are sold.Zoku Slush and Shake Maker, $22.99
A chocolate fondue fountain FOR YOUR HOME.
A PERSONAL SIZED (and mini) donut factory.
Remove the basket, replace with mouth. While most donut makers are pretty silly -- and this one is definitely silly -- we want ALL the tiny donuts it will make.Automatic Mini Donut Factory, $136.00
A slushy machine for Coca-Cola slushies ONLY.
Sure, you could use a regular slushy machine, but why would you? Nostalgia Electrics Coca Cola Frozen Beverage Maker, $30.60
The breakfast sandwich maker, a.k.a. the HANGOVER HELPER.
We've renamed this appliance the hangover helper. Yes, it's 100 percent ridiculous. We've even remarked on its total stupidity once or twice. And yes, it will take up so much unnecessary space in your kitchen. But guys, when you're really feeling that long night out, this thing will be your savior. Kitchen Top Hearty Breakfast Sandwich Maker, $29.99
A soft serve machine for YOUR KITCHEN.

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