10 Awesome People Who Turned Challenges Into Amazing Halloween Costumes (PHOTOS)

Here's what we learned this Halloween: When life throws you a curve ball, you just have to hit it out of the park.

Cases in point? All the brave men, women, boys and girls in the photos below. Their Halloween costumes, all of which showcased optimism and creativity in extremely trying circumstances, helped put our tiny problems in perspective and reminded us to always look at the brighter side.

1. "Even with cancer, one can pull off a great costume!" wrote a Redditor dressed as Gru from 'Despicable Me.' We wholeheartedly agree.

2. And we love this idea, too.

3. This awesome guy dressed as "Chemo Sabe" decided to use his IV pole as a prop. Its name, you ask? Polcohontas!

4. Then there are the families who converted a loved one's wheelchair into an awesome costume.

5. Like this one. He pretty much aced it.

6. This little girl's family went ALL. OUT. (Like they do every year.)

7. So did these guys.

9. This guy has a sense of humor we can appreciate.

10. We'll leave you with Paralympian Josh Sundquist, who's been blowing our minds for the past few years with his Halloween ideas.