8 Awesome Things You Should Be Appreciating Right Now (PHOTOS)

Adapted from "The Book of (Even More) Awesome" by Neil Pasricha by arrangement with G.P. Putnam's Sons/Amy Einhorn Books, a member of Penguin Group (USA), Inc., Copyright © 2011 by Neil Pasricha. Illustrations by Monsieur Cabinet (www.monsieurcabinet.com).

Hi Huffington Post readers,

My name is Neil Pasricha and I'm a no-name 31-year-old guy who started a tiny blog called 1000 Awesome Things back in June, 2008 with the goal of writing about one awesome thing every weekday.

I did this as my world was falling apart. In addition to all the bad news about melting ice caps, swirling hurricanes, and raging wars, like many of us I also had personal issues. My best friend very sadly took his own life and my marriage crumbled like crackers. We sold our house, I moved to a tiny apartment, and I tried to get things back on track by talking about one simple, universal little joy every single day -- like snow days, bakery air, or watching "The Price Is Right" when you're at home sick.

When I started 1000 Awesome Things, I got excited when my mom forwarded it to my dad and the traffic doubled. Then I got excited when friends sent it to friends and strangers started sending me suggestions like stepping on dry crunchy leaves on the sidewalk, finally peeing after holding it forever, and landing on a round number when you're pumping gas.

Over time, the site started attracting millions of visitors, winning awards, and landed a book deal. Last Spring The Book of Awesome came out and stuck on bestseller lists for a year straight. Support from The Huffington Post community helped my blog and book grow and I'm massively flattered, thankful, and appreciative for your amazing support.

The Book of (Even More) Awesome comes out today and I wanted to share some excerpts from the book. Hope you enjoy them.

Thanks for reading and have a great day,