These Awkward Ballerinas Take Dancing To Your Own Beat To A Whole New Level

These ballerinas each put their own spin on what should be classical choreography, but that's just why we love them.

And it's obvious from the first moments of the performance -- when a glasses-wearing dancer makes a late entrance on stage, shoulders slumped and frustration evident -- that this ballet has a comedic twist.

When the rest of the dancers turn, at least one is bound to twist. When they leap, they leap straight into each other. No matter what they do, the dancers can't stay in sync. And while their awkwardness on stage is clearly intentional, it's also all kinds of cool.

Video of the deliberately hilarious performance, a staging of Jerome Robbins' "The Mistake Waltz"ascribed to the Vienna State Opera, first surfaced in 2011 but is currently trending across the Internet.

Hey, if something this awkward can still look this awesome, maybe there's hope for us non-dancers.



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