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Awkward Engagement Photos: Couple Takes Matching 'Sexy' Portrait Shots (PHOTOS)

What's better than sexy engagement photos? A parody of sexy engagement photos.

Engaged couple Casey Grim and Adam McLaughlin hilariously poked fun of engagement photo cliches in their own photo series, shared on Reddit Monday. In the photos, Grim adopts traditional racy poses (like glancing seductively over her shoulder and lying on a bed) and... so does McLaughlin. Check them out in the slideshow below:

Grim told HuffPost Weddings that the inspiration for the photos came from her friend, photographer Red Scott. Grim, McLaughlin and Scott are comedians (Grim and McLaughlin make YouTube videos together), and Scott suggested the three do a photo shoot emulating cliched modeling poses. Grim and McLaughlin decided to use the idea for their engagement photos, and chose poses by looking at a modeling pose suggestion website.

"When we got engaged, we already knew our wedding had to be about fun and laughter. We've been to so many boring weddings, it was important to us to set the right tone for our holy matrimony," Grim said.

Wondering if you and your fiance should take engagement photos? Here's one blogger's case for taking photos before the wedding. Click through the slideshow below to see more awkward engagement pictures.

Awkward Engagement Photos

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