Scrunchies, Clips, Barrettes And Other Awkward Hair Accessories (PHOTOS)

From Hillary Clinton's scrunchies to Sarah Ferguson's enormous bows, hair accessories can get pretty awkward. (Of course, Princess Beatrice takes the cake.)

But, it's not just royals and politicians who have worn questionable oversized headbands, sparkly, miniature barrettes and lots of wacky flowers. Sometimes, the accessories are large and in-your-face (see Madonna in the '80s), other times, the awkward is more subtle (like, everything in the early '00s). Take a look at the photos below to see Nicole Kidman, Gwen Stefani, Hilary Duff and more with glittery, outrageous and sometimes surprising headgear.

Vote for the weirdest, but just don't pretend you didn't used to wear accessories just like them.

Awkward Hair Accessories

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