'Awkward': Jenna Hopes For Good Karma, But Is Sadly Too Optimistic (VIDEO)

This week, Jenna continued her campaign to improve her relationships on "Awkward." Hoping to return good karma her way, she focused her attention on the adult women in her life. Her mother was depressed after losing her job as the school nurse while Val was still angry -- and working at a convenience store -- after Jenna's essay got her fired.

But Val got a second chance in a school hearing, so Lacey used all the skills she gained watching "Law & Order" to act as her lawyer. Ultimately, though, it was Sadie who came in with a true testimonial that convinced the board to give Val her job back. So would things start going Jenna's way?

Sure it was painfully obvious where things were going when those prom tickets fell out of Mattie's pockets, but that only meant that we were shouting warnings at Jenna throughout the closing moments of the show. We hated the idea of Jenna setting herself so high for the inevitable fall. Mattie only wanted to ask her about taking another girl to the dance.

The AV Club's Myles McNutt thought it was one of the series' best episodes yet. "With Jenna’s life on the upswing, she begins to imagine a perfect narrative arc in which she gets the guy, loses him as she struggles to find her true self, and then returns to win him back and have the Prom date she could have had in the first season if only they had each better understood both themselves and each other. That this isn’t to be dislocates Jenna’s point of view ... and sets the stage for a finale that has become much more unstable—in the best possible way—than it was set to be when the episode began.”

Tune in to the "Awkward" season finale, Tuesday night at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

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