'Awkward': Jenna Forces Her Mom To Break Up With Matty, Too

For years it's been Team Matty vs. Team Jake on "Awkward." But now, there's Team Collin, and Jenna's all in. This week proved that it wasn't going to be so easy for the other people in her life. While Matty was trying to play it off like everything was cool, Jenna's friends weren't happy with how things played out, and no one wanted to give Collin a chance.

Even Jenna's parents appeared to still be on Team Matty. Jenna caught her mom hanging out with Matty in their home, which she didn't take well at all. She pulled Lacey aside and explained that as she was Jenna's mother, she had to choose Jenna's side. And so, poor Matty had to hear another break-up speech.

Sure it was a little awkward how much Lacey's speech sounded like a high school girl breaking up with her boyfriend -- trying to let him down easy -- but both actors sold the scene. Besides, that's not too out of character for Lacey.

By the end of the episode, though, it appeared that Lacey might be the only one on Jenna's side. All of her friends ditched the barbecue, causing Jenna to tell them off. She then took it a step further by unfriending them online.

"Awkward" continues every Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. ET on MTV.



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