Awkward Gay Moments: LGBT Whisper App Users Share Their Most Uncomfortable Experiences

From the uncertainty of a blind date to parentally-interrupted displays of intimacy, prime opportunities for awkward or uncomfortable experiences still exist within the lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender community, even if coming out is no longer widely perceived as the start of a lifelong struggle.

As part of HuffPost Gay Voices' ongoing partnership with Whisper, we looked for some of the most awkward moments shared by the app's LGBT users -- and the results ranged from humorous to hysterical to occasionally heartbreaking.

"My son answered my personals ad," one user wrote.

Added another: "I came out to my boyfriend I was bi...Then he came out that he was bi and we only met because he has a huge crush on my brother."

Check out all of the amazing responses below (WARNING: some posts contain graphic language). Be sure to check out more on Whisper here.

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