Awkward Moment: The Social Situations That Make Us Cringe

Not that long ago, a friend woke up on a Sunday morning and found a partially clad young woman in her kitchen making coffee. It was someone her 24-year-old son had met the night before at a party. Her son had moved back home a few weeks earlier and as my friend graciously put it, "I guess there were some potential situations we just hadn't figured on." Awkward.

We face awkward moments every day. How many times have you seen someone you know but just can't remember her name? Have you ever mistakenly assumed the beautiful young woman on the arm of the older man in the restaurant was his daughter, as in "Excuse me sir, your daughter left her iPhone on the table." Or do you find it awkward when someone pulls out a calculator at the office lunch and tells you down to the penny what you owe?

Awkward moments can happen at any age, but here are some funny ones we found on a thread that seem especially apropos for Post 50s. What's your most awkward social situation? Let us know in the comments or email us at



The Most Awkward Social Situations