'Awkward': Things Get Really Awkward When The Parents Find Out Matty And Jenna Hooked Up (VIDEO)

Things definitely got awkward for Jenna and Matty on the latest "Awkward" starting the moment Jenna's father realized the birth control pills he'd found belonged to his daughter. He had no idea that it was Jenna's mother who'd given her the pills, and had even hooked her up with condoms so she would be safe if-and-when she decided to have sex.

In an impulsive moment, he left a message for Matty's parents, leading to the most uncomfortable dinner party of all time. Matty's parents showed up, with their reluctant son in tow, and forced him to apologize to Jenna's parents. An impromptu dinner invitation -- accepted by Matty's father -- led to the families enjoying Chinese and uncomfortable silences together.

Matty's mother laid into both of Jenna's parents when they were leaving, calling them hippies and chastising them for supplying Jenna with condoms and the pill. In her mind, they were encouraging her to have sex rather than preparing her to be safe and responsible.

The parents had to agreed to disagree, and Matty's family left. Only, Matty returned. "My mom was right about one thing, you guys are a different kind of people. And I’m your kind," he told Jenna and her parents. "Can I crash here tonight?"

The AV Club found this new "development" a bit over-dramatic, but thought the new dynamic between Matty, Jenna and her parents could be interesting to see. Hollywood Life predicted that it would be great at first for the teens at first, but will no doubt take a turn for the worse later.

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