The 10 Most Awkward Thanksgiving Scenes Of All Time

Ah, Thanksgiving. A time to stuff our faces, spend quality time with friends and family and think about everything we're grateful for.

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving is also a very awkward holiday. Fights break out, people cry and dirty laundry is aired. To prove this point, we unearthed the 10 most awkward Thanksgiving scenes of all time.

"Brokeback Mountain"
Calling your father-in-law an "ignorant ass" is pretty much the opposite of what you're supposed to do at Thanksgiving dinner, but Jack pulls it off with flying colors.

"Cheers," "Thanksgiving Orphans"
When your potatoes are ice-cold and no one has anything to do on Thanksgiving, the only solution is a food fight … at least according to the "Cheers" gang.

"Scent Of A Woman"
"You oughta go down on her" is exactly the kind of advice you want from your uncle. In front of your wife. Over Thanksgiving dinner. Yikes.

"The O.C.," "The Homecoming"
As if Seth isn't awkward enough on his own, a Thanksgiving caught between two girls leads to quite the hot mess.

"Funny People"
Who doesn't love a heartwarming speech? George Simmons attempts to give one in "Funny People," but his good intentions quickly evolve into sad stories about his big nose, old age and dead friends.

"Felicity," "The Last Thanksgiving"
Come on, Ben, Thanksgiving dinner is pretty much the last place to make sure your ex-girlfriend feels like absolute crap.

"The House Of Yes"
Plotting bipolar sisters + kitchen knives = Thanksgiving disaster.

"Friends," "The One With The Rumor."
Finding out your boyfriend started a rumor that you're a hermaphrodite isn't exactly the best way to spend Thanksgiving.

"Home For The Holidays"
Is there anything worse than sobbing at the dinner table and flying dead turkeys? Not really. Sometimes going home for the holidays isn't the best idea.

"Gossip Girl," "The Treasure Of Serena Madre"
Watcha say to a LOT of Upper East Side drama on Thanksgiving? Sure, it's uncomfortable, but we don't hate it.