'Ax Men': Shelby Finds Historically Significant 'Monster Log' He's Been Searching Half His Life For (VIDEO)

Logging is one of the most storied professions in Americana, and Shelby is a definite enthusiast on "Ax Men" (Sun., 9 p.m. ET on History). The trade has seen some exciting innovations over the years, including the wild idea of creating log rafts to float down the rivers to the mills. It was far cheaper than hauling them over land or bothering with some kind of boat.

Legend spoke of a lost raft that never made it to the mill. A raft Shelby claims to have spent the last half of his life looking for. So he was absolutely thrilled when he found a massive log underwater. Even moreso when he pulled it out of the water and found on it the proof he was looking for that this was indeed one of those logs.

There were holes through the log where Shelby says it was pinned together with the other logs. If this is truly a log from one of those massive log rafts, it's historical significance would be tremendous, as would its value.

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