Ax attacks are nothing to clown about

It's no joke.

Police in Hickory, North Carolina, are searching for an ax-wielding clown who threatened a woman early Friday morning.

The victim called police at about 4:30 a.m. and said a man asked her to come outside, according to the Charlotte Observer.

The woman said the male figure was wearing a clown mask and multicolored wig.

Once outside, the victim claims that the clown began swinging an ax at her, and attempted to cut her, the Hickory Record reports.

At some point during the attack, the woman was able to partially remove the clown mask. She told police the suspect was an acquaintance of hers.

The ax-wielding clown fled before police arrived, according to

The woman has since filed an arrest warrant against the suspect, but police have not released the clown's name.

A motive for the attack was not immediately clear, according to the Associated Press.

Creepy Clowns

Creepy Clowns

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