Axe Brand's Australian Commercial Features A Gay Kiss (VIDEO)

The Australian version of the popular men's grooming product Axe is featuring a gay kiss in its latest TV commercial.

The brand, which is known as Lynx in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, unveiled the stylish new clip for its line of hair styling products.

In the commercial, the male protagonist tries on a variety of guises, including that of a "Casablanca"-like, old time Hollywood star.

"Kiss the hottest girl -- or the hottest boy," a voiceover suggests. "Experiment with your hair and learn from your mistakes.”

As Adweek points out, the clip is airing first in Australia, but will be "rolling out to other global markets" in the future.

The clip has already earned praise from a number of media outlets for its inclusivity. In previous years, Axe/Lynx commercials have generated criticism for what some have interpreted as a misogynistic tone.

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