Axel The Newfoundland Sits On Roofs Of England While Owner Works

Dog On A Hot Straw Roof

Axel the Newfoundland has become a small-town celebrity for his high-perching ways.

Ever since he was a puppy, roof thatcher Richard Haughton's dog has accompanied his owner to work, sitting on the roofs of East Anglia, UK.

"I took him from seven weeks old and he's been on every job ever since," Haughton told the Telegraph.

Axel mastered the ladder as a puppy, motivated -- like most dogs -- by the pursuit of food. "We were sitting eating a packed lunch. Axel was on one side of the scaffolding, we were up over the ridge on the other and he managed to come up the ladder," his owner told BBC. "We saw him up on the ridge -- basically he thought he was going to get some food -- and he's been up with us all the time ever since."

The 97-pound dog now balances on the narrow rooftops to vantage points as much as 40 feet off the ground, thanks to a boost up the ladder from Haughton. The diligent dog-ployee hasn't missed a day of work in five years, but he has made them better for his owner.

"He's a lovely guy to have around, such a good dog -- he keeps an eye on us, he's like a site manager," Haughton told BBC. And sometimes, clients come bearing snacks for the roof-roof roofer -- and his owner.

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