Axelrod On Obama Transition Leaks: 'No One Is Frustrated' (VIDEO)

Axelrod On Obama Transition Leaks: 'No One Is Frustrated' (VIDEO)

Barack Obama's chief campaign strategist and soon to be White House senior advisor David Axelrod said the transition team is not upset over the increasing number of leaks about potential cabinet appointments, a stark contrast to the tight-lipped campaign.

"No one is frustrated, no one is anguished," Axelrod told CBS 2 political editor Mike Flannery. He blamed the leaks on the expansion of the team beyond the tight campaign core and a scoop-hungry news media operating in "a vacuum":

"Any time you involve large numbers of people in something like this, there's gonna be leaks. And there's a fanaticism almost among the news media to break the big story."

Of Hillary Clinton's likely appointment as Secretary of State, Axelrod said only that "she's obviously a talented public servant and someone who would enhance any team."

The longtime Chicagoan said he is not moving to Washington permanently and sees his White House stint as a "Chicagoan on assignment."

Watch the interview:

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