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Axilase Procedure To Stop Sweating: Would You Try It? (VIDEO)

Pit stains -- we've all had them -- but what if you could be rid of the fears of ruining your favorite gray shirts and publicly displaying your perspiration problem forever?

Dr. Mitchell Chasin of Bridgewater, New Jersey, has come up with Axilase, a procedure that uses a laser to destroy sweat glands for those with hyperhidrosis, or extreme sweating. The operation lasts only 30 minutes and rings in at $3,000 -- an amount worth dishing out for the twenty people who've tried it so far. (It's not covered by insurance.)

Kris Marra talked with "Good Morning America" about her decision to go under the...laser. She confessed, "When I'm nervous it's the worst. I'm pretty nervous socially, so a lot of times when I'm with a group of people, I'll be sweating, when I'm in class I sweat. The only time I'm not sweating is when I'm sleeping." Two weeks later, she sure looked like a happy camper.

Check out the report and tell us what you think.