Axl Rose Is Unrecognizable At Yard Sale In NYC (PHOTOS)

Axl Rose Doesn't Look Like This Anymore ...

It's been a long time since Guns N' Roses has been in the spotlight, and these days we probably wouldn't recognize Axl Rose if he was staring right at us.

The 51-year-old singer, who performed at the Governors Ball in New York City earlier this month, was spotted browsing some items at a yard sale in SoHo on Sunday looking nearly unrecognizable. The aging rocker walked with a cane and was dressed in a gray T-shirt and jeans with crosses stitched along the inseam.

Rose looks far different than he did in his heyday of the early '90s, and joins a growing list of rock stars who are now paying for their hard partying in their younger days.

axl rose 2013

axl rose 2013(From left to right: Axl Rose in 1992 and again in 2013)

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