PHOTO: Aye-Aye May Be The World's Ugliest (Or Strangely Cutest) Animal

We have an entire page at HuffPost dedicated to cute animals, geared for all the sloths and quokkas of the world. But there are a lot of less-than-pretty animals out there that need some good old-fashioned love too.

Enter the Aye-aye.

Aye-ayes are a type of lemur only found in Madagascar and are actually related to chimpanzees and humans, according to National Geographic. They use echolocation to hunt for food, the only primate believed to do so.

The animals are also locally known as an omen of ill luck if you happen to stumble across one, and sadly, are often killed on sight to ward off evil spirits, according to the Duke Lemur Center.

Could this be the ugliest animal on the planet, or is it more of a so-bad-it's-good kind of creature? Let us know below.

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