Parents Can Relate To Ayesha Curry’s Struggle With This Dinner Table Rule

The cookbook author got real about family dinners and what weekday breakfast looks like with kids.
Ayesha Curry got real about one of the toughest rules to enforce at the dinner table. 
Ayesha Curry got real about one of the toughest rules to enforce at the dinner table. 

Thanks to her cooking expertise, Ayesha Curry is obviously serious about the dinner table, but there’s one rule her family occasionally bends.

The cookbook author and Food Network star has three kids ― 6-year-old Riley, 3-year-old Ryan, and 7-month-old Canon ― with Golden State Warriors basketball player Steph Curry. In her March cover story for Parents magazine, she talked about her favorite dishes and family dinners. She also got real about mealtime as a mom of three.

“The toughest one for us to follow is no phones at the table,” she said of the rules she most often breaks. “Of course, there are those moments when the kids do something super cute and you just have to record it. But we really try to implement the no-phones rule. Our kids love being at the table together, talking about their day, singing songs, and telling jokes. It’s a special time.”

As for dessert, Curry said she typically allows her kids to have it only after they’ve finished dinner, but she’s known to “throw the rules out the window once in a while,” especially when the family has movie nights together. She also confessed that breakfast during the week can be tough.

“Sometimes it’s a kids’ protein bar or handfuls of fruit served up on paper towels and eaten in the car,” she said.

Curry told Parents that food is “a love language” for her so it’s no surprise that she also has her kids help with cooking, especially with vegetables. In fact, it’s how she gets them to try new foods and eat healthily.

“Ninety-nine percent of the time, the girls are willing to try whatever it is they helped me make, whether it’s salads, curries, or a kale smoothie,” she said. “That said, Riley doesn’t like mashed potatoes! I don’t know why. Maybe it’s a texture thing. Ryan will eat anything. She’ll sit there and down oysters.”

In an interview with BuzzFeed last month, the cooking star talked about the importance of making her cooking tips and guidance accessible, especially for kids and young people.

“If we instill a sense of happy, healthy eating in them, and they’ll feel like they have the options to pick and choose what they want to eat,” she said. “If they want to grow things in their home, we give them those basic skills and they can. That’s the foundation for them to lead healthier lifestyles as they grow up.”