Ayla Reynolds' Mother, Trista Reynolds, Reveals New Details In Missing Maine Toddler Case (VIDEO)

The mother of a missing Maine toddler says she will start revealing pieces of evidence shown to her by police, according to a recent television interview.

In an attempt to pressure authorities, Trista Reynolds announced that she will release details which point to Justin DePietro being responsible for the disappearance of their daughter, Ayla Reynolds.

Reynolds said police showed her pictures of Justin's room, where there was blood. His shoes had blood on them. His truck had Ayla's blood in it, and there was saliva mixed with her blood in some places. She said it shows that Ayla suffered, and there was enough blood that she feels it's clear her little girl has died.

Ayla Reynolds was 20 months old when she disappeared from DePietro's Waterville home on December 17, 2011.

"All I can picture when I close my eyes is the blood that I saw," Reynolds said in the in interview. The mother believes that authorities have enough evidence to prosecute DePietro for child endangerment, if not a more severe charge.

Despite conceding that Ayla is likely dead, state police still classify the girl's disappearance as a missing person case.

DePietro is currently in Cumberland County Jail on an unrelated charge.

Reynolds is planning a press conference for September 25, NECN reports.



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