Ayla Reynolds Update: Trista Reynolds Threatens To Sue State In Daughter's Disappearance

The mother of a missing child is threatening to sue the state social service agency for neglecting to give proper attention of her daughter's case.

Trista Reynolds says that Maine State Department of Health and Human Services failed to carry out mandatory background checks and visit the house where missing 20-month-old Ayla Reynolds was staying with her father, the Portland Daily Sun reports.

"DHHS just didn't do their job," Reynolds told newspaper. "I think if they checked up on Ayla, we wouldn't be where we are today,"

The child's father, Justin DiPietro, took custody of the girl while Trista Reynolds completed a rehab program last October, the mother claims.

"It was agreed on paper, while i was in rehab... in front of two DHHS workers, the supervisor, two doctors, and the attorney, and you are going to tell me that you didn't check on my daughter," the mother said during an interview, according to the Associated Press.

Trista Reynolds continues to raise questions about Ayla's father as a suspect in the search for the missing child.

Earlier this week, Reynolds claimed that DiPietro filed for a $25,000 life insurance police on the child prior to her disappearance, according to news sources as well as a website dedicated to the girl's safe return.

Ayla Reynolds disappeared from her father's home in Waterville on Dec. 17. 2011.



Ayla Reynolds