Lawyer Seeks Justice For Riders Trapped On Subway During Snowmageddon

A lawyer says he plans to file a lawsuit against the MTA on behalf of straphangers who were trapped for seven hours on an A train during the snow storm that battered New York last week.

"No one's trying to get rich off this," Aymen Aboushi says.

"This is to hold the MTA accountable for what happened. We're really trying to get the MTA's attention for the average New Yorker."

From the Daily News:

The Manhattan lawyer said he will meet with seven riders from the storm this week, and hopes to sign on more of the 500 straphangers stranded between the Rockaway Blvd. and Aqueduct stations in Queens.

Once that happens, Aboushi plans to serve a notice of claim with the city, possibly by the end of this week.

Travelers were stuck without food, water, heat and bathrooms.

"The MTA didn't offer these people so much as a MetroCard," Aboushi says.