Stephen Colbert Interviews Author Jennifer Burns On Ayn Rand And The Republican Party

The Colbert Report

Last night Stephen Colbert interviewed Jennifer Burns, author of the new book "Goddess of the Market: Ayn Rand and the American Right."

As you may or may not know, Paul Ryan has insinuated that Ayn Rand has made a big impact on his life, though he denies that he is influenced by her philosophy (which includes atheism and being pro-choice).

However, Burns told Colbert that Ayn Rand is essentially "the gateway drug to life on the Right." In fact, Burns goes on to say, "She has been a word-of-mouth favorite among conservatives for literally decades."

They go on to discuss Ayn Rand's philosophy and thoughts on politicians. According to Burns, "There were very few politicians that Rand liked."

They end with Colbert asking Burns if she thinks Rand would endorse the Romney/Ryan campaign. Because of Rand's fierce opposition to Ronald Reagan's campaign (which included a combination of religion and politics, as well as an anti-abortion stance), Burns highly doubts it.

Sorry, Paul Ryan. Apparently, the admiration probably wouldn't have been mutual.

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