Dad Of Brother And Sister Parkland Survivors Fatally Shot In Robbery

Teen suspect is arrested the day of Ayub Ali's funeral.

A Florida family has been devastated again by gun violence. The father of two sibling survivors of the Parkland school attack was fatally shot during a robbery at his Fort Lauderdale convenience store.

On surveillance footage, a gunman is seen taking money from the cash register on Tuesday at Aunt Mollie’s Food Store, owned by Ayub Ali, 61. Ali can be seen holding his hands in the air. The thief walked out, then returned to the store and shot Ali, Broward County sheriff’s officials said in a statement.

It wasn’t clear why the gunman returned. Ali was declared dead a short time later at a nearby hospital.

The sheriff’s office released the surveillance video on Thursday as it sought help in identifying and locating the shooter. A friend eventually persuaded suspect Tyrone Fields Jr., 19, to turn himself in on Friday, officials said.

Ali was buried the same day. Fields is being held without bail.

Ali’s son and daughter, Rahat, 15 and Elama, 17, survived the February shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland that left 17 dead. Ali was the father of four children; the youngest is just 22 months old.

Ali moved to Florida from Bangladesh in the 1990s. He encouraged his daughter to travel to Washington for the “March for Our Lives” rally organized by young people in the wake of the Parkland attack to advocate for stricter gun control laws, Elama Ali told CNN.

“When I was in Washington... he watched it on TV,” she said.

Of her father’s death, she said, “We’re trying to be strong, but it’s overwhelming.”