AZ Protestors: Do Something Really Meaningful -- Vote!

Yes, Donald Trump is an orange, comb-overed demagogue. He deserves every bit of scorn and ridicule a civilized, non-fascist society can heap upon him. The parallels to Hitler are unmistakable, and the fact that so many are buying into his nonsense is frightening.

I am always amazed that people in this country will buy the snake oil that someone like him can sell, especially those that live in a shack and think he is going to provide the magic elixir. Vote for Trump, or whatever the Koch Brothers are pitching, and they will give you the path to real prosperity. At the very least, they will get rid of all those Mexicans that do the jobs you won't take. But he his a great salesman, and I've got to hand it to him. He is a master at taking advantage of the ill-informed and under-educated electorate. But whatever label you put on them the one sure description is- -- they are voters and they vote -- early and often.

On the flip side are the well intentioned, probably well educated protesters that blocked the roads in Arizona trying to create havoc at the Trump rally. Sadly, this is an example well intentioned political correctness run amok. We have a first amendment (and sadly a misinterpreted second amendment too, but that's a subject for another blog). For those participating or condoning what these protestors did in AZ, I say you are playing right into the Donald's hands. This is the stuff he craves, and makes you look like crazy radicals. I like the idea of poking Trump, but trying to restrict free speech, even if it's despicable, is not the way to go about it.

Here's my suggestion. Save the energy and put it to use this fall. Let Trump continue to make a fool of himself and polarize the country. Then get your young friends, and others that don't think they can make a difference to get off their dead asses and go vote. That's the way you change things. That's how Obama was elected, but then folks got lazy and that's how we got to where we are today. Expending the energy to prevent a Trump rally is folly. Expending the energy to rally the lazy and disaffected is meaningful. Give it a try.