AZ-SEN: How to Beat John McCain

Joblessness, not immigrants, is causing unemployment. Goldman Sachs received billions in government subsidies, but isn't lending to the small businesses that are the life-blood of job creation.
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I would like your support in my campaign for the United States Senate. Let me explain to you what is happening on the ground in Arizona, and what I know can be done.

People are hurting and looking for something to blame. In Arizona, we just posted the worst unemployment rate in 27 years. Foreclosures are up. People are losing jobs, and homes, and holding on to their dignity with a shoestring.

Politicians like John McCain are cynically trying to make immigrants scapegoats. Since the recession started, bill after bill has been introduced trying to criminalize and dehumanize people. SB 1070 made it a cop-stop worthy offense to look "reasonably suspicious." As the only Latino Democrat running for US Senate in the entire United States, I am reasonably suspicious in more ways than one.

These divisive laws obscure the real causes of the ongoing recession. The 2008 financial crisis was not caused by immigrants or people who "look" like them. It was caused by the naked greed and reckless behavior of the biggest financial institutions.

Foreclosures, not immigrants, are destroying our communities. Bank of America and its subsidiary Countrywide were responsible for some of the worst lending practices that have led to high foreclosures, but they refuse to renegotiate.

Joblessness, not immigrants, is causing unemployment. Goldman Sachs received billions in government subsidies, but isn't lending to the small businesses that are the life-blood of job creation and drivers of economic recovery.

Drugs and guns, not immigrants, make the borders dangerous. Wachovia just paid $160 million to avoid criminal prosecution in a case where it laundered drug money through Mexican exchange houses.

I am running for the United States Senate to help Arizona address this economic meltdown and hold those responsible, including John McCain, accountable. Support for SB 1070 is only skin deep; people are desperate for anything that sounds like a solution. As a Senator, I can provide a more hopeful vision, one that calls on our best traditions as Americans, and I have 15 years of organizing to prove that I can turn visions into reality.

McCain is very weak right now. JD Hayworth may be a blessing in disguise, because he has exposed John McCain as someone willing to say anything in order to win an election.

I will beat John McCain by turning out new voters and winning over voters who once supported him for his integrity. I can turn out the Latino vote and bring in young voters. If I am the nominee, thousands of new volunteers will join the Arizona Democratic effort. Goddard will have stronger race against Brewer. Democrats up and down the ticket will be able to win because of the Latino turnout and new voters that we inspire.

Arizona is already ground zero for the national debate about the economic wreckage dressed up by the right wing as a fight over immigration. If I win the nomination, the battle with John McCain will be an electrifying national forum on which that debate is played out. The contrasts will be clear. I am a generation younger, I am not a career politician, and I have a positive vision for Arizona. I can beat McCain on his demonstrably bankrupt economic policy; I can elevate the debate on immigration.

I'm not scared to be a progressive who stands for people, not corporations. Because of that, I can beat John McCain. Please join my campaign.

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