Azealia Banks Banned Cover: See 'Dazed & Confused' Magazine's Controversial Front (PHOTO, POLL)

Fire up your "OMG, scandalous!" or your "Big deal! Who cares?" buttons: British fashion magazine Dazed & Confused has finally released its controversial Azealia Banks cover.

Dazed & Confused tweeted last week that the cover of its September issue, which reportedly featured hot new rapper Azealia Banks smoking a condom like a cigar, had already been banned in seven countries, before it had even been released. How's that for hype?

On Wednesday, the magazine dropped the bomb and released the image. As promised, the Sharif Hamza-shot cover features Banks posing with an inflated bright pink condom between her lips like a giant cigar with the cheeky headline, "Azealia Banks Blows Up."

Ready to see it? Scroll down. (Honestly, we thought it'd be much worse given the hype. What do YOU think?) Click over to Dazed & Confused to read more.

azealia banks banned

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