Azealia Banks Says She's Not A Feminist, And Her Reason Might Surprise You

"I don't trust any woman who says she's a feminist."

Azealia Banks has garnered a reputation for saying exactly what's on her mind, even when what she has to say might rub people the wrong way. 

On Sunday, the 24-year-old rapper devoted her latest online rant to feminism, declaring that she does not consider herself a feminist -- and her reasons are surprising. Banks's tweets began in response to alleged criticism from black feminist websites like XO Necole and Madame Noir. Banks wrote:

But the rapper then expanded her complaints to feminism's issues with black women, arguing that feminism is not intersectional enough and often excludes women of color:

The Color Purple novelist Alice Walker coined the term "womanism" in 1983 to mean a form of feminism that is focused primarily on the gender and racial oppression of black women. It's true that feminism has long had issues with being intersectional and inclusive (that's where the term "White Feminism" comes from, after all), and Banks's frustrations speak to the frustrations that many women of color feel in feminist spaces. 

While feminists are taking strides to practice intersectionality, Banks's comments are yet another reminder of how complicated and compelling the discussion around feminism continues to be. As usual, even if you don't agree with her opinion, at least it gets you thinking. 

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