Aziz Ansari Tweets About Tacos, Trader Joe's

Great food Tweets from our favorite "Parks And Recreation" actor.

If there's one thing that could make us at HuffPost Taste like Aziz Ansari more than we already do, it's finding out that he's obsessed with tacos.

Aziz Ansari, who plays Tom Haveford on NBC's award-winning "Parks and Recreation", is not only a stand-up comedian, actor and writer, but also a taco aficionado. To be more precise, he's into fish tacos and carne asada. Even though tacos didn't win our Tex-Mex Deathmatch (which we were more than a little disappointed about), we all know that they're tops. And we're glad that Aziz Ansari knows that too.

Taking a look at his Twitter feed, we learned that Aziz Ansari loves apple juice. He's also an excellent Pawnee restaurant reviewer. So from the man who would call chips flat fries and raisins old-ass grapes, we bring you Aziz Ansari's words of wisdom (when it comes to food).

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