Aziz Ansari's Tinder Pickup Line Is So Good, You'll Want To Steal It

We'd buy this hook, line and sinker.

At this point, Aziz Ansari is basically a sage on modern love. He wrote a research-heavy book on the subject in 2015, and his character on “Master of None,” Dev, is almost studious in his search for true, lasting love.

Given all that, we’re not surprised the guy knows some pretty decent pickup lines, one of which he shared with Vogue in a recent “73 Questions” interview.

His best Tinder pickup line? “Dev’s is: ‘Going to Whole Foods. Want me to pick you up anything?’” Ansari says, referencing his character on the popular Netflix show.

Really, who wouldn’t be won over by that?

Watch the clip above for Ansari’s advice on making a woman laugh, getting roles in Hollywood as an Asian American, and his favorite friendship moment with Kanye West.

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