B Corporations: Being the Best for the World


Marmalade Fish, a global consultancy firm specializing in culture change, has been awarded B Corp certification.

The certification is awarded by B Lab, a global non-profit organization, to companies which meet high levels of social sustainability and environmental performance, accountability and public transparency.

Marmalade Fish was established in 2015 to help companies align their values and transform their culture, and offers leadership skills training, team effectiveness sessions, off-sites, values and culture programmes, and executive coaching services.

Samie Al-Achrafi, CEO of Marmalade Fish, said:

We specialize in helping companies become mission aligned and transform their cultures, so we wanted to lead the way by measuring what matters and gaining B Corp certification. If you have the right culture in place, anything is possible, and we commit to being the change we seek in the world by harnessing the power of private enterprise to create public benefit.

Qualification for B Corp is an intensive process comprising assessment, interviews, and data verification, in order to meet comprehensive performance standards. The assessment phase covers the company's entire operation and measures the positive impact of the company in areas of governance, workers, community, the environment, as well as the company's products and services.

Certified B Corporations are leading a global movement to redefine success using business as a force for good. Unlike traditional corporations, Certified B Corps are required to consider the impact of their decisions, not only on their shareholders, but also on their stakeholders (workers, suppliers, community, consumers, and the environment).

More than 20,000 companies have taken the B Impact Assessment. Of the 1,800 successful in achieving certification, Marmalade Fish joins leading brands such as Ella's Kitchen, Natura, Patagonia and Ben and Jerry's.

Ben Anderson from B Lab, the nonprofit behind the B Corp Movement, said:

We are delighted to welcome Marmalade Fish into our community, and welcome other companies to join in not only striving to be the best in the world, but the best for the world.