B2B Sales Tactics: 4 Digital Marketing Methods to Generate Leads Now

15 years ago I started a website design company with virtually no funding or investments, but with the help of an effective digital marketing plan I was able to grow it to the 250 person digital agency it is today. By focusing on digital marketing and investing in growing the online presence of Blue Fountain Media, I strategically took the agency to the next level by generating a substantial amount of qualified leads each month.

Below I've outlined 4 effective ways for you to begin generating leads for your website that are both cost effective and quick to implement. If executed correctly, these tactics will have a lower cost-per-acquisition (CPA) than any print ad or cold sales tactic will. Take a look at the following methods so that you can start generating leads for your business in just a few days:

1. PPC Campaigns

It's no surprise that PPC advertising is on this list. It's been around for many years and is constantly growing and evolving. The reason PPC campaigns tend to be so successful is that people in general turn to search engines when they are looking for a product or service.


While implementing a PPC campaign is very important for brands to consider, there are certain guidelines to follow that will help improve the effectiveness of your efforts. Don't run your campaigns 24/7. Instead, run it when users are most likely to buy. For example, most ecommerce sites do best on afternoons Monday through Friday as opposed to weekend or nights. Also, Ensure the landing pages for each ad are specific to each campaign. If you're a shoe store for example, you should have a separate campaign for women's running shoes in comparison to men's running shoes.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has offered cost-per-click ads for quite some time now. What is nice about using these ads is that you don't pay per impression like some other channels require. When crafting campaigns for LinkedIn, it's essential that your ad shows your value proposition. Use concise and compelling text and a strong call-to-action so that you can effectively garner clicks and engagement.


3. Instagram

Most big brands are on Instagram. As a channel, it has a ton of potential in terms of strengthening a brand online, reaching a wide audience, and helping to provide overall business growth. The visually-captivating platform is best for brands that have strong visuals to share with their audience.


Instagram operates on a CPC basis, allowing you to maintain your budget and limit costs as much as possible. The Instagram advertising options allow you to choose from a selection of formats depending on the content you have, and you can easily target users based on important demographics (zip code, profession, accounts users engage with) so that you can generate the highest engagement and click-through-rates possible. Most recently, Instagram launched tools for business users. These tools include the ability to set up business profiles, a range of post promotion options, as well as the long awaited ability to report on post analytics without using an outside program.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the offering of commission to a partner called an "affiliate" when they help your brand to generate a lead. While this type of marketing initiative opens the door to many different opportunities for brands, it's important that you find the right outlets for your brand needs. Simply aiming to be on as many sites as possible isn't the answer if you're trying to generate qualified leads and sales. Instead, you want to find the sites that will align closely with your own business objectives so that the leads you bring in will be a fit with what your company has to offer. Once you start working with affiliates it's important to always make sure you have the right tracking attributions set up for your site so that you can monitor performance and gauge effectiveness.

Lead Generation Initiatives

Ultimately, lead generation is the results of a well strategized omni-channel marketing campaign with the goal to fulfill the unique needs of a targeted user. For any brand looking to increase their digital presence, applying these lead generation techniques can be incredibly beneficial. To learn more about how to grow your brand, visit Blue Fountain Media online.