's Top 100 Mom Blogs Announced

Top 100 Mom Bloggers Announced
| has just released its list of Top 100 Most Influential Mom Blogs, and the size of the list (which first appeared three years ago) has doubled.

As it turns out, even 100 is just a microslice of the whole Mom Blogosphere. Groups that measure online growth estimate that there are about four million mom blogs just in North America, though Babble Co-founder Rufus Griscom guesses that only 500 of those reach an audience of any size. Speaking of audience -- that too is growing, with more than 30 million moms going online each month, and more than half of them visiting parenting blogs.

The Babble list reflects the range of subjects that can be grouped under the heading of “Mom Blogs.” (Babble’s companion list, of 50 Top Dad Blogs” was released last month.)

At the top is Rebecca Woolf, of Girls Gone Child, who this year chronicled the birth of her very unexpected twins. It ends with Leticia Barr of Tech Savvy Mama, whose very practical focus is family, technology, and internet how-tos. In between are women who cover everything from A to Z, or conception to graduation, as the case may be.

HuffPost Parents sends our congratulations to them all.

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