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Get Your Life, Mommy: 5 Simple Steps to Becoming More Organized

One beautiful thing about being a mother is, even when you lose your mind in the midst of all the noise and chaos that is going on around you, you are still able to weather the storm, remain collected (maybe not calm), and handle your business like a boss -- like only a Mommy Diva can.
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One beautiful thing about being a mother is, even when you lose your mind in the midst of all the noise and chaos that is going on around you, you are still able to weather the storm, remain collected (maybe not calm), and handle your business like a boss -- like only a Mommy Diva can. Sometimes you may even feel like you have so much going on that you don't know where to begin, however, there is a method to the madness. That method is creating harmony in everything that you do. Harmony in my opinion is balance in a sense. It's getting organized and prioritizing what's most important, at that moment, and juggling all aspects of your life. Pretty simple right? Not in the least bit, but it's attainable. It is being able to create a systematic process to dealing with it all, simultaneously.

Take me for instance, just when I thought that I was going to completely lose my mind, dealing with a very demanding and strong-willed four year old, figuring out when I would have time to be consistent in the gym week to week, and attempting to build my business, while still working a nine to five, there were times were I wanted to give up and just quit. But I started creating systems that I knew would work for me. I hired a maid service to come into my home once a month to clean, joined a gym close to home, hired an amazing business and life coach, and got a phenomenal mentor. Now, you may be wondering how all of these things have helped to change, organize, and "get" my life. Well I'm going to explain exactly how I did this, so you can do it too, in just five easy to follow, and attainable steps:

1) Getting your home life organized so that you are no longer "house hostage": Yes, house hostage! Last summer, I spend the majority of my time trying to keep up with my house. Trust me, I had fun getting out and about, however, it seemed like every time I cleaned up, my house would be messed up days, to a week later. It was literally driving me crazy, no wait insane, because I would keep cleaning week after week, expecting to be able to go a few days longer than the last time with an organized house. It didn't work. So, I hired a cleaning service earlier this spring, and boy oh boy has it changed my life. They only come once a month, but they clean so well that I don't have to do much in between the time that they come. It is worth the money, and such a relief. When you aren't organized at home, your life seems like it's in a whirlwind and completely cluttered with so much to do, at least for me. Making sure that I had it together at home, and consistently being organized helped to alleviate the pressure in all other areas of my life. Angie's List or even Yelp can assist in finding a reputable and trustworthy cleaning service to take that load off of your shoulders. Just try it once, and I promise you, you will thank me later.

2) Hiring an experienced business and life coach: There are so many people out there who claim to be this and that, and can do this and that, only to take your money and leave you with little to no solutions. If you are like me, the mompreneur, who is working hard and grinding to take your business to the next level, you definitely want to hire a business coach who is doing exactly what you want to do, and can get you to where you need to be. Investing in yourself and in your business is the key to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Everything that glitters is not gold, so be sure to hire someone who has what it takes to help elevate your brand, and build your business. Let me not forget to say, that you must implement and do the work in order to reap the benefits, but hiring a coach is the first step. I'll be honest, working a nine to five, implementation has been a struggle, but I'm pushing right through. If you need a business and life coach, I know of a great one! *wink*

3) Don't let these kids drive you crazy: In Will Smith's 1988 release "Parents Just Don't Understand", he had it ALL the way wrong! I love you Will, but no, it's these kids who don't understand. They don't understand that it's more to life than just taking care of them. So we can't let them drive us crazy while doing so. Of course we love our children, but this is just a transparent moment in which I am being honest. Kids will drive us crazy, IF we let them, so don't. If you have a strong-willed child like I do (and just being candid, my son gets it from me), it can be a challenge. You may have to try a variety of parenting styles. I'm even hiring America's Supernanny to come to my rescue. Yes, it's that serious. Just know that all the efforts and one on one time, teachable moments, and everything else that we do with and for our children will be more than worth it in the end.

4) Find someone who is your "Fitspiration": What is fitspiration? I don't know, I made that up the other night, but it's someone who inspires you to make a lifestyle change and to get and stay fit. For me, it was sorority sister (hey Shawnell!). There have been a few others along the way, but I was highly inspired by her weight loss. I am now on track to becoming a "regular" in the gym and more consistent from week to week. For me, joining a gym that was close to my home works the best so that I can ensure that I have absolutely no excuses for not showing up.

5) Find a phenomenal mentor who you aspire to be like: My mentor is a mommy diva for sure! She has four boys, and is doing her thing. Having a mentor who inspires you in various aspects of life is what you need. So start thinking of someone who is a reflection of who you aspire to be. It's really that simple. Once you find that person, schedule bi-weekly calls or meetups with them. This will also help to foster a lifelong friendship with that person.

Here's a bonus: I've learned that if you put your mind to it, you can do it. If you believe it, you can achieve it. I've heard those sayings all of my life, but didn't believe it until I tried it, and I know that it works. Since I have been telling myself that I can accomplish all of my goals, even though my schedule is sometimes hectic and always busy, I accomplish what I put my mind to accomplishing. Try it and see for yourself! You can thank me now. 