Babies 'Cursing' Are F*cking Funny, Dammit (VIDEO)

WATCH: Babies 'Cursing' Are F*cking Cute, Dammit

According to a new book about the history of swearing, babies often learn to curse before they have mastered the entire alphabet. Most children know one swear by age 2, but bad language development "really 'kicks off' around the ages of 3 or 4," TIME reports.

Well sh*t, that can't be good.

As HuffPost blogger Adrian Kulp wrote recently, it's necessary to watch your own mouth if you have small children in the house. When his 3-year-old daughter actually announced "oh, f**k," he thought "Not cool. What am I doing here? She learned that from me... I've got to be more conscious about my language. I've got to make some changes."

But what about unfortunate mispronunciations? When you're dealing with toddlers who haven't yet mastered their language, there are bound to be a few tame locutions that turn PG-13. While their versions of "fork" or "crocs" or "we're trucking!" are not appropriate, we have to admit it's kind of hilarious -- and the results are well-documented on the Internet.

That's why we now give you a video mashup of some of YouTube's funniest "cursing" babies.

Enjoy! Just don't tell your kids.

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