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Stock Photos That Make Us Wish More Babies Had Beards

Today in Stock Photos That Don't Make Sense ...

There's no shortage of stock images that defy reason -- see pregnant lady staring at a glass of scotch in an office chair -- but this one really rattled our onesies.

Babies with beards. Are they cute? Are they a little scary? What would you do if your baby came out with a luscious Tom Selleck 'stache under his nose? Could you cuddle up to a baby with a beard?

We're asking the same question we asked ourselves when "Anchorman Hair Baby" went viral: Why aren't more babies born with perfect hair, whether it's on their heads or their faces?

DreamPictures via Getty Images
A baby's handlebar mustache is a handsome way to hold onto a pacifier.
DreamPictures via Getty Images
A baby's 5 o'clock shadow reminds you that it's almost bedtime.
DreamPictures via Getty Images
A mustache to make Selleck proud -- Magnum Pre.K.
DreamPictures via Getty Images
Little baby goatee belongs on a Nick Jr. reality show named "Rubber Duckie Dynasty."
DreamPictures via Getty Images
And this guy just realized he made the perfect craft brew milk formula.
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