WATCH: Angry Baboon Hurls Poo At Family With Pinpoint Accuracy

Don't monkey around with this baboon.

Monkey see, monkey doo-doo.

A baboon at Tiger World in Rockwell, North Carolina, showed off a powerful arm and pinpoint accuracy by flinging feces at a family it clearly did not like.

As the clip begins, the baboon can be seen running to the opposite side of the cage ― away from the family.

The family follows, with one of two little girls promising the baboon, “I’ll give you food.” As she throws some monkey chow into the cage, the second little girl begins making hand gestures. They don’t appear to be rude, but perhaps they have some terrible meaning in baboon because the animal flies into a rage:

Then, the baboon reaches for his secret weapon. With a few quick throws he manages to pelt nearly everyone in the family:

“Ewwwwwww! I hate this place!” a little girl with poo on her face says. One of the adults coughs and gags shortly afterward.

There may be a history here. The unidentified person who filmed the encounter told LiveLeak that he frequently visits the zoo and “the monkey in the video really dislikes me.”

(Note: There’s some NSFW language in the clip ― the kind you might expect when you’re suddenly covered in baboon poo.)

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