Baby Aardvark Walks For First Time At Antwerp Zoo In Belgium (VIDEO)

WATCH: Cute Baby Aardvark Cuddles With Mother

Aardvarks may not be tops on your list of cute animals, but this video of a baby walking for the first time may just make you reconsider.

At two weeks old, it's too early to determine the sex of the animal, which staff at the zoo have named Nuru, meaning "light" in Swahili, according to the Telegraph.

The aardvark is only the 10th to be born in 50 years at the Antwerp Zoo in Belgium, according to the Guardian, making the footage all the more special.

For mother aardvark Curly, this isn't her first offspring. She previously had three other children, though unfortunately they died before reaching maturity.

Mother aardvarks have a hard time producing milk and sometimes accidentally kill or harm their infants with their long legs, according to the Daily Mail.

Living on a diet of termites, these creatures have sharp claws and an acute sense of smell, notes National Geographic.

Watch the adorable video ABOVE of the two-week-old aardvark at the Antwerp Zoo in Belgium and checkout the BELOW slideshow of other baby animals.

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