Baby Alpaca Got Stuck In A Hole, Was Super Chill About It


It's a (w)hole new world, baby alpaca. 

A week-old alpaca at Govin's Farm in Wisconsin was in quite a predicament during a 24-hour disappearance. The farm's Farmer John noticed the critter missing when he was feeding grain to his alpaca herd Saturday evening.

The little alpaca had fallen into a badger hole and got trapped. With its head just peeking over the hole’s opening, the baby was barely visible, so it took a while for her to be found.

“Alpacas love to roll in the dirt and it must’ve slid into an old badger hole by accident while it was taking a dust bath,” says the Govin’s Farm Facebook page.  

Farmer John dug the baby out, despite her seeming reluctance. (We can totally relate, friend.) The youngster is totally fine now and has been reunited with her mother -- who you can hear humming at her baby in the video above. 

They even shared a cute alpaca kiss.

Run and play, baby alpaca! You've got so much more dust to roll in. 

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