Baby Amaya Is Asleep Until Her Favorite Song, 'Gangnam Style,' Plays (VIDEO)

Baby Amaya may fall fast asleep in the car, but there's one song that's sure to wake her up: "Gangnam Style."

Shared on Reddit by user "spicychicken63," this adorable video shows a baby girl instantly waking up to the sound of Korean pop star Psy's international hit.

In the clip, Amaya's sister seems to already know what's coming. As soon as the song begins, the older sibling excitedly turns to see if her sister is awake, giggling when the infant breaks into a fit of spastic dancing.

Amaya may not have had as much room to show off her moves as these dancing twins, but her sheer elation when "Gangnam Style" plays makes all the difference.

The reign of "Gangnam Style" may have culminated when the music video became the first to surpass 1 billion views on Youtube, but the song's influence seems to be holding strong.

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