Baby Bats Rescued After Being Orphaned By Australian Flood (VIDEO)

130 baby bats orphaned by a flood off the Gold Coast of Australia were saved by the Australian Bat Clinic and Wildlife Trauma Centre in the past weeks.

Director Trish Wimberly worries that there is more to be concerned about than just the bad weather.

When visiting the Gold Coast bat sites, they found lots of 4-week-old babies on the ground, covered in maggots and fly eggs.

"They're coming down to feed on the ground. That makes them vulnerable. It's not a natural occurrence and shows there is trouble in the environment," Trish told The Daily Mail Reporter.

Wimberly goes on to note that, "Bats are a barometer to what is going on in the environment."

The babies will be kept hanging on clotheslines or in special intensive care units for about four weeks until they are ready and able to fly again.

Watch the following video, in which NBC's Nightly News displays photographs of the cute little creatures. After all, Brian Williams points out, "When was the last time you saw baby bats wrapped in tiny blankets?"