New Baby Beluga At Shedd Aquarium Makes Public Debut, Is A Girl (PHOTOS)

Nearly two months after its new baby beluga whale was born, the Shedd Aquarium is ready to introduce Mauyak's female calf to the public.

According to a release from the aquarium, the new baby beluga will be be on display for Shedd visitors beginning Friday at 11 a.m.

(Scroll down to view photos of the beluga baby.)

The as-yet-unnamed five-foot-long calf has steadily gained 12 to 15 pounds each week since its Aug. 27 birth and now weighs more than 205 pounds -- a normal rate of weight gain, according to ABC Chicago.

She has also been busy bonding with her momma, meeting the aquarium's other belugas and mastering nursing -- an activity that has sent her 1,200-pound mother Mauyak on an understandable binge: She now downs up to 88 pounds of fish daily, according to the Shedd.

The new calf is the third baby Mauyak has delivered, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Can't contain your curiosity until Friday? Scroll down to check out photos of the Shedd's new baby beluga, all courtesy of Shedd Aquarium/Brenna Hernandez.

It's A Girl! Meet The Shedd's New Baby Beluga