Baby Born On Alitalia Flight

Baby Born On Plane

A woman gave birth to a baby on board an Alitalia flight from Milan to Paris on Wednesday.

The French woman went into labor about halfway through Flight 3508, ANSA reports.

The plane reportedly landed in time for a medical team to board the flight and help deliver the baby boy...all in front of other cheering passengers on the plane.

Surprisingly, in-flight labors happen more often than you'd think. In December 2009, a doctor on board helped deliver a baby on a Southwest flight from Chicago to Salt Lake City. In 2006, an Egyptian woman gave birth to a baby girl over Canadian airspace on a British Airways flight from Boston to Egypt. The baby was given Canadian citizenship. In March 2009, a Samoan woman gave birth on a plane without anyone noticing and left the baby in the plane's trash. She was later charged in the case. And in December 2010, a newborn boy was found on a flight from the Middle East to the Philippines abandoned in an airplane trash bag.

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