Baby Born On Emirates Plane, Named After Airline

Baby Born On Emirates Plane

Little EK is going to have quite the story to tell when he grows up. That's because he was born aboard an Emirates plane somewhere between Dubai and Manila, reports Gulf newspaper XPRESS. What's more, his mother commemorated the occasion by naming him after the airline.

EK is Emirates' flight code.

The boy's mother, a Filipino woman, is identified only as Nedz. She began to go into pre-term labor at 27 weeks aboard the plane on an August 22 flight. She was on her way back to Manila from Dubai to deliver her baby where it would be more affordable.

“When I saw the mother walking toward the toilet, she seemed to be in pain. The father was restless… walking back and forth, nearly in tears, so I offered to help,” passenger Karen Caballes-Santos, a nurse, told XPRESS.

The baby was born into the toilet and two nurses aboard, as well as flight attendants, tended to mother and child.

According to Emirates 247, the flight made an emergency landing in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where the two were transferred to a hospital. The condition of the mother is reportedly stable, though EK remains in critical care.

In September 2011, a woman gave birth prematurely on a Philippine Airlines flight from Manila to San Francisco. The baby's name, Francis, was a nod to the fact that he was born en route to San Francisco. However, his citizenship was up in the air because it was unclear whether or not he was born over international waters.

There are certainly many babies that have been born in-flight. Also in September 2011, a French woman gave birth on a Milan to Paris Alitalia flight. The next month, a baby was born on an Air India flight to Toronto. January 2012 saw a baby named Angel born on a Chinese domestic flight. And, just last April, a baby was born on an Africa to Atlanta Delta flight.

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